Who are our courses for?

Our courses are aimed at anyone looking to gain more experience in the world of further education, assessment or quality assurance. You may be a professional looking for a career change and want to gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Assessor. Or you may be an experienced Assessor or Internal Quality Assurer, considering the next step in your career. We welcome and work with applicants from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

We operate a policy of fair access to assessment and recognise and respect equality and diversity.

How long do courses last?

Our course duration varies depending on the level and subject you choose to complete. This information can be found under each course detail. We do however feel that it is important to agree targets for submission and achievement from the start and we will be in regular contact with you to see how you are getting on.

Typically we would expect that the knowledge based units are completed within 8 weeks of the training event. This is because we want to you remember what was covered at the training and do your assessments whilst it is all still fresh in your memory and you are motivated. Don’t forget, we have worked in training and education for a long time now, so we know how easy it can be for learners to put things off. It’s a great feeling though when you complete and achieve your qualification – and that’s what we want for you!

How will I complete my course?

On enrolment you will be given access to our live i-learner e-Portfolio where you will set up your profile and complete initial assessment to make sure the course is right for you.

Your tutor/assessor will also talk you through the i-learner system on your induction/training event so you know how it all works, how and where to upload your assignments and how to retrieve your feedback.

You will be assigned a scheme of work that will detail objective dates for assignment submission. Assignments are submitted by yourself to your e-Portfolio and assessment and feedback will be given within 7 days of your submission. All courses will involve a one to one professional discussion or oral questioning with your assessor. This will be recorded. Nothing to be worried about at all – it is just a fair and efficient way of capturing what you have to say and ensures that we can maintain our quality standards by ensuring work submitted is authentic. We hope once you have met us anyway, you’ll be more than happy to chat with us during your assessment.

The Awarding Organisation who will be issuing your certificate, following successful internal and external quality assurance, will be iCQ.

What facilities do I need?

As our courses are assessed via an e-portfolio you will require a computer with internet access.  You may also find a printer useful although not a requirement. If however you do not have access to the internet, we do not want you to miss out. Talk with us and we can discuss how we can work with a paper-based portfolio.

As our full awards contain practical elements you will need to have access to relevant candidate and centre staff to generate your practical evidence. In2Assessment will not be responsible for allocating candidates, however, we are more than happy to offer guidance and support as to what would be required and how your competence would be assessed.

How can I pay for my course?

We have a range of payment options available. Payment can be made by Paypal,  BACS Payment (Please put last name as reference) and also by personal cheque (payable to In2Assessment Ltd)

Any other questions?

Then please email us  at info@in2assessment.co.uk nike air max nike air max nike air max